What to know about the knockdown and rebuild process in Brisbane

Usually, it is more cost-effective to knock down an old house and rebuild it. Renovations often add up and become more expensive in the end than at first thought. Also, with renovations, there can be unexpected problems uncovered, and in the future, you find that once all the money is spent, you still need to pay even more to complete the renovations. By just knocking down an old house with many problems and building a new one, you save yourself a lot of additional worries and save yourself money. Of course, before you make your final decision, it is important to determine if there might be any unforeseen complications that might hinder this process.


The knockdown and rebuild process in Brisbane


The one thing that usually tips the scales in favour of the knockdown and rebuild process for homeowners is that it is cost-effective. Homeowners can choose the design they want for their new house and make it suitable for their family’s lifestyle. There is an opportunity to improve the land upon which the new house will be built with the possibility of maximizing the long-term value of the property itself. Both the design and construction process is faster.


Things you need to consider are if your home is located in a Demolition Control Precinct or DCP. This means that if your home is in Brisbane’s DCP area, you cannot knock it down.

  • You have to take into consideration what is underground such as sewers. If your home is in a service location, you have to consider what kind of impact the knockdown and rebuild process can have on existing cables and pipes.
  • Are there any overlays?
  • Do you require a Development Application?
  • You have to consider if the house you want to be knocked down is in a traditional type of building zone and what kind of home you can rebuild.
  • You also have to be prepared for the fact that the company you choose to assess the house you want to be knocked down cannot demolish it, and you have to renovate.


Steps taken in the knockdown and rebuild process


Once everything has been taken care of and the know down process can begin, you’ll find that it is a detailed process and starts in stages. Experts have to assess the lot and what unique characteristics it might have to properly begin to rebuild on it once the old house is knocked down. The team you have chosen to knock down and rebuild will let you know how the whole process will happen and what you can expect.


Once the site has been secured for the new home, the building team will develop a concise building project and let you know what steps will be taken to build the new home. They will inform you if there have to be any changes to the design you have chosen so that your new home will blend in with the surrounding streetscape and the community as a whole. There might be adjustments required so that the new house blends in with those of your neighbours.


There will be a specialist from OJ Pippin Homes who will manage the whole process and make sure that the team is building according to plan. Along the way, you’ll be advised of any changes or adjustments that are required, and you’ll be able to have a say in the building of your new home.



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